Italian authorities seriously undertake Gypsies


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Deputy Prime Minister and interior Minister of Italy Matteo Salvini instructed local authorities in the regions to conduct a full accounting of Roma settlements, in order to deport illegal migrants. On 16 July, according to ANSA.

The prefects of the districts prescribed for two weeks to prepare a report of all the camps of the Roma on Roma, Sinti and caminanti. After that, reads the statement of the Minister, there will be a plan for their resettlement.

In June, the newspaper The Local reported that Salvini, the head of the anti-immigrant party “Northern League”, is going to conduct a full accounting of all the Roma population in the country and develop the single registry. With its help it is planned to find out how many of the nomadic nationalities of illegal migrants from other countries, and then deport them. “Italian Gypsies, unfortunately, have to leave here,” he said in connection with these plans.

Salvini is known for his tough stance on ethnic minority issues. His party has already proposed the creation of a special law on simplified scheme of parental rights, those Roma whose children are not in school. He also called for the demolition of illegal Roma settlements and vilified Gypsies because they “prefer crime work.”

In Italy there are between 130 to 180 thousand Roma. About half of them have Italian citizenship.

At the election in March 2018 “Northern League” scored 17.3 per cent of votes in the part center-right coalition with the party of former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi “Forward, Italy!” and nationalist “Brothers of Italy”. By a wide margin in the vote defeated populist “five star Movement”.

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