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Psychologist Adam Grant (Adam Grant) asked his followers on Twitter to share the worst advice that others have given them about career growth.

The majority of users didn’t like the fact that they were advised to pay particular attention to stability. “”Stay at one job for ten years, and you will improve. For success is necessary.” Instead, I took the risk and started to do what I like. I moved well and my colleagues and remained on the same positions,” he shared his story Jordan A.

However, there were some people who were opposed to engage in professional business, which brings the most pleasure. “If you’re doing the work that I love, this thing stops being so good for you. Do what you like. Protect what you love,” wrote Jane Black.

Christine Minas reminded others that it is never too late to change the scope of activities. “When I was 26 years old, employee of the personnel Department said I was too late to change professions. I’ve done it several times, and now at 42 years old I own my own business”, — said the girl.

Tracy Reilly added that the person does not need to be afraid to quit, even if it has not yet taken on another position. According to her, the rest periods between the work helped her to spend time with the family and opened up many opportunities.

The girl with the nickname Raq condemned those who told her that you have to choose between family and work, and family the wrong choice. The user Dushka Zapata was dissatisfied with the Board that shouldn’t be friends with colleagues. She said that if I followed him, much would be lost.

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