Oil and gas has predicted an ignominious end


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Minerals such as oil, gas and coal, which has long been considered the most energy efficient is becoming increasingly difficult to obtain, and so soon it will be cheaper to switch to renewable energy sources. About it writes Bloomberg.

The energy efficiency of a particular resource is measured in such indicators as energy return on investment (EROEI). The ratio of received energy to spent on its production. For example, for oil the ratio is 25 to 1. This means that for the production of 25 barrels of oil need to expend the energy of one barrel. However, if you consider the processing, the rate drops to 6 to 1.

This level of EROEI is already possible to correlate with the energy cost of production solar energy. According to a study conducted at the University of Leeds, in the years 1995-2011 the average energy efficiency of non-renewable energy sources accounted for 23 percent. However, it will decline, due to the fact that deposits of easily accessible oil runs out and resource extraction becomes more difficult and requires more energy.

As a result, the rising costs of oil production leads to a decline in EROEI. Unprofitable, in turn, may lead to a shortage of fuel. According to analysts, this will happen if the figure falls below 5 to 1. Experts call as soon as possible to invest in renewable energy, in order to prevent the decline in EROEI.

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