On the missing Malaysian “Boeing” found a mysterious cargo


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The French Prosecutor probing the circumstances surrounding the disappearance of Malaysian “Boeing” in 2014, found information about the mysterious cargo on Board the aircraft. This July 10 wrote the French newspaper Le Parisien, however, the media drew attention to the information just now.

A week ago in a Paris court held a hearing on the matter on which information was provided on the list of passengers and Luggage. The meeting was attended by the French engineer Ghislain Wattrelos (Ghyslain Wattrelos), who lost his wife and two of the three children due to the disappearance of the liner.

According to the man, investigators said the contradictory data on passengers, including distinguished about their style. In addition, it became known that after the departure of the “Boeing” was added information about a load weighing 89 pounds. Indicates that the container was overloaded, and nobody knew why.

At the same time, the experts did not make any conclusions. According to them, data about the mysterious cargo can be both incompetence and fraud indicators. Wattrelos noted that this information will be the basis for new questions to the Malaysian side.

The Daily Mail notes that Malaysia Airlines had previously indicated that the on Board was the weight of 2453 kilos, of which 221 pounds accounted for lithium batteries, and the rest on radio equipment and chargers. What was the equipment, so no one said.

Previously independent researchers have suggested that the missing “Boeing” is found not in the area where it was looking previously. July 7 was made a new version of the tragedy: expert on aviation security have suggested that the plane was hijacked by a man who penetrated him with the purpose of intentional destruction.

On June 19 it became known that the pilot of the plane Zachariah Ahmad Shah, may have blocked the oxygen in the cabin, killing the passengers. It is the pilot responsible for the deviation: it is reported that he played a similar flight with a fatal outcome on the simulator. He also had problems in his personal life: his wife left him, he was lonely and was in depression.

The plane Malaysia Airlines, EN route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, disappeared from radar screens in March 2014. On Board were 227 passengers and 12 crew members. In January 2015 they were officially confirmed dead. Find the aircraft so far failed.

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