On the Russian trading networks have complained to the government


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The business Association “OPORA of Russia” appealed to the Ministry with a proposal to prepare a new package of laws for regulating relationships between retailers and suppliers. About it writes “Kommersant” with reference to the letter of the Executive Director of the organization Andrey Shubin, the Deputy head of Department Victor Evtuhova.

The “Support of Russia” consider it necessary to limit the size of fines for violation of the conditions of supply that reaches 100 percent of the cost of the party. They proposed to limit the penalty of 5-10 percent of the price of the party. Shubin has noticed that suppliers for its part denied the right to fine the network. Offers relate to the objectives of the national project “Small and medium entrepreneurship”.

In addition, the organization offered to establish a more transparent mechanism of providing discounts. According to Shubin, the network does not broadcast the discount received from the supplier, in the final price of goods. As a result, the networks get to make money on the suppliers and the buyers. The discount is mandatory for the conclusion of a supply contract.

The “Support of Russia” has added that retailers don’t want to make products whose shelf life has expired by more than 50 percent. When planning promotions networks do not always correctly estimate sales and order more goods than necessary. This leads to the fact that as a result suppliers must pick up unsold balance on demand.

Shubin recalled that since 2012 the relationship between retailers and suppliers is regulated by the Commission for the implementation of the Code of good practice. This happens on a voluntary basis, but due to the lack of any responsibility the practice of self-regulation does not develop. The appeal of “Support of Russia” received in the Ministry. The Department stated that it is pending.

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