Revealed the luxurious life of Kim Jong-UN



American experts have uncovered one of the ways of supplying luxury goods to North Korean leader Kim Jong Ynu. About it reports CNN with reference to the Washington Center for advanced study in the field of defense (C4ADS).

His staff spent eight months and say they have established the way in which the country has brought two armored Mercedes-Maybach S600, which cost about 500 thousand dollars each. It is believed that one of them Kim Jong Eun met with the Korean President, moon Jae-in of 2018. Experts for its report, studied customs data, bill of lading, and other publicly available documents.

Researchers believe that the luxury cars were shipped from the port of Rotterdam (Netherlands) on 14 June 2018. From there they arrived at the Chinese Dalian, then went to a Japanese Osaka, and then was in Busan, South Korea. Then a trail of cars “washed away”: they were sent on the ship DN5505 that said that is sent to the Russian city of Nakhodka.

The ship was supposed to sail on in the district on October 5, however, 1 to 19 the number of the transmitter does not transmit location data. When the device is again “out on bond”, DN5505 was already on the way back to Busan. In the C4ADS report notes that the transponders do not transmit data when vessels are away at sea, but they often turn off specially when they break the sanctions.

On 2 November, the crew on arrival, provided documents that transports Antracit of Findings. While in the Russian port was not information about the arrival DN5505.

At the same time, 7 Oct transport aircraft Il-76 from North Korea and the unplanned, flew from Pyongyang to Vladivostok, and explanations for this to the North Korean Consulate in the city to the Americans failed. “We have not found direct evidence of when visits cargo planes and DN5505 (…) However, given the capacity of aircraft and their role in the transport of armored limousines Kim Jong-UN, it is possible that they could pick up a Mercedes”, — experts say.

Daimler, which owns the production Mercedes-Benz, indicated that it would not deal with North Korea for more than 15 years. The company stated that deliveries to customers are thoroughly checked, however the purpose of resale are outside the area of responsibility. To set the exact path is impossible without knowing the identification number of the car.

Delivery of luxury goods to North Korea along with other goods were banned after the first nuclear test in the country. Subsequently, the list of prohibited goods had been extended.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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