Russia wanted to charge for garbage removal new


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The government is studying the possibility of transition to a new way of calculating the tariff for garbage removal. About this TASS said the Executive Director of the Russian environmental operator Alexey Makrushin.

Now the size of the card is formed come from statistical data the rate for the regional operator for the movement of a ton or cubic meter of waste is multiplied by the ratio of the accumulation of debris for residents in the region, and then divided by the number of days. Under the new system it is proposed to calculate the fees based on the number of tanks that are installed in the container yard.

The injustice of the current system of payment in March drew the attention of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. Then he stated the necessity of introducing in Russia the fees for garbage collection “in fact”. The Ministry of natural resources started to study the issue, however, the scheme of the new system has not been developed.

Now Makrushin explained that the system will largely resemble the calculation according to the standards. According to him, the number of containers will be considered on the basis of the standard values. “Then you can multiply five containers for 30 days, to 150 containers and calculated on the basis of this charge,” he said. Makrushin acknowledged that difficult it turns out the formula for the distribution of fees between offices and apartments.

The Ministry meanwhile announced that it had prepared a draft government resolution on transition to the payment for garbage collection based on the actual accumulated volume of garbage, however, it reflected the mechanism is not revealed.

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