Solved the mystery of the creation of Stonehenge


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Scientists of Newcastle University (UK) came to the conclusion that the builders of Stonehenge used pork fat to transport massive stones on skids. About it reported in a press release on

The researchers found the fatty residues on pottery shards found during the excavation of the megalithic settlement of Durrington-walls, located 3.2 kilometers from Stonehenge. Here lived the people who participated in the construction of the cromlech. The analysis showed that the fat was in the vessels, which was more like a bucket, and not the utensils for cooking and serving food. Scientists believe that found containers were used to store fat.

Currently, researchers recognize that these megaliths, of which Stonehenge consists, was moved by human power. Experiments have shown that stones that reach a height of eight metres and weigh up to two tons, was capable of moving 20 people, placing them on sleighs that glided on logs. Most likely, logs or sledges greased to reduce friction.

According to scientists, the archaeological findings provide only part of the picture, so you need to look for additional evidence of such use pork fat.

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