SpaceX called the cause of the explosion Crew Dragon


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Thom Baur / Reuters

The cause of the explosion at the manned spacecraft Crew Dragon, which occurred April 20, in ground tests, was the failure of the check valve to the helium system pressurization of the propulsion system, according to SpaceX.

The American company said that the incident occurred for 0.1 seconds to launch the SuperDraco engines of the emergency rescue vehicle, provoked by the contact of the oxidizer (nitrogen tetroxide) into the pipe system pressurization, which in conditions of high temperature and pressure browseinterval with a titanium valve, thereby causing a fire.

For security purposes, SpaceX replaced the check valves bursting discs.

In may, the company admitted that during the incident that occurred on April 20, was destroyed by the manned spacecraft Crew Dragon, who on March 2, flown (unmanned) to the International space station (ISS).

Video, photo All from Russia.


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