Survived the blockade, the zoo called on to protect from the “construction mafia”


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Alexey Danichev / RIA Novosti

In the Internet appeared the petition with the requirement to protect the survivors of the blockade Leningrad Zoopark was from the “construction mafia” and “corrupt officials”. Because of them, according to a former employee of the companies, the zoo “has become in the entertainment commercial enterprise.” The petition was published on at the time of publication it gained more than 25 thousand signatures.

“For more than 10 years, I and other former employees are seeking an independent verification of the performance of the Director of Leningrad zoo,” reads the petition text. Igor Maltsev, a former employee of the zoo, said that “because of the worldview of Ms. Skyby [zoo Director]” the establishment of educational and environmental protection has become “commercial entertainment establishment”.

In this case, said Maltsev, adequate care for the animals in the zoo now there. Reconstruction of the Director of the zoo is conducted according to the standards of thirty years ago, and “conditions in the new facilities do not meet international standards and do not take into account the biological characteristics of animals” says a former employee of the companies.

“A huge number of animals did not. Did not the bears, one wolf, one giraffe, did not ungulates such as bison, Jacob, musk oxen, deer, deer, spotted deer, Kabanova, zebras, antelopes and many others. Almost didn’t become rodents (it was the best collection in the former Soviet Union), there are fewer large snakes, exotic birds and other animals,” — said the author of the petition. However, he noted that well-funded zoo.

“The zoo has essentially become in the menagerie of the 19th century,” he said. In addition, the Agency downgraded in status and was expelled from the Union of museums of Russia.

The author of the petition requires to conduct an independent audit at the zoo, and to take measures, in particular dismissal of the current Director of the institution and to pay attention to animal welfare.

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