Taken in Chechnya, the Russian woman decided not to talk about forced marriage


www.vsyako.netPhoto: said tsarnaev / RIA Novosti

Muscovite, which the parents took from the women’s crisis center “Kitezh” and taken to Chechnya, refused told her earlier story about forcing her to get married parents and reported that she had “everything is fine, everything is OK”. Record audio girls published Telegram-channel Mash.

“I’m fine. In short, me no one will forcibly taken away. All right, all right,” said the girl, adding that she was not contacted because there was no phone.

On the record also heard another female voice. The channel reports that it is a sister. According to her, they both go every summer to Chechnya to the grandmother, “about forced marriage no one ever told you”.

July 13, activist Darya Serenko told about a girl who ran away from parents in a crisis center and then disappeared, leaving the documents and money. She told her friend the number of the flight on which it was going to take to Chechnya, and added that she was drugged. Police did not respond to calls for volunteers, because relatives said that everything is fine Muscovite. In confirmation of the fact that it appealed to human rights defenders, the project “Legal initiative” published its statement for admission in “Kitezh”.

July 15 edition of the Daily Storm posted a correspondence girls from April. She noted that the family she was beaten and abused since childhood, forced to pray, and later, she was forbidden to leave the house to wear regular clothes, like jeans, and meet with non-Muslim. She began self harming on the body. When the father found out about all this, first promised to kill, then decided to marry a religious Muslim.

The Republic’s authorities deny the practice of forced marriage and called the story a lie.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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