Tesla was accused of cheating


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Victor Biro / ZUMA / Globallookpress.com

American electric car manufacturer Tesla when the model 3 is not conducted some routine checks to meet deadlines increase the production of electric cars. This writes CNBC.

That the build process is not carried out all the required regulations of the tests, said working Assembly plant of a company called GA4, located in California. Workers also complained about harsh working conditions.

Current and former employees of the enterprise gave CNBC pictures, which show the cracked elements of the Tesla Model 3, plastic, sealed with duct tape.

In the company deny the charges. Tesla said that these stories are nothing like the stories of employees who “are misleading and do not reflect the practices of the Assembly and the true nature of work in the company”.

Tesla previously announced that during the second quarter of 2019 increased volumes produced and delivered to customers of electric vehicles to the record. In particular, it brought buyers 95.2 thousand electric cars: 17,7 thousands of Model S and Model X, and 77.6 per thousand Model 3. The company said that by the end of 2019 Tesla will deliver at least 360 thousand electric cars, including about 250 thousand Model 3.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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