The broadcaster found out about a muscular assistant wife and decided to take revenge


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British TV presenter piers Morgan, fortovase with the winner of the beauty contest “Miss World-2018”, found out that his wife has muscular assistant, reports the Daily Mail. He told about it during the transfer of the Good Morning Britain on ITV.

According to Morgan, he was surprised when I saw in Instagram the photo of his wife, muscular man in his underpants who was cleaning her car. “While the husband is away, Mr. Suds comes to play” — she signed the.

The presenter felt that this way the wife of “revenge” to him because he talked warmly with the winner of “Miss World” Vanessa Ponce during one of the esters.

“Revenge is a dish best served cold. It was just that revenge. I’d like to see he immediately left the house,” he said. Morgan added that his wife lives in Los Angeles while he’s filming in Britain. The presenter jokingly promised to find Mrs. VTS and ask her to wash his car next week.

Informed piers Morgan was fun to live that beat colleagues with a Taser. Co-presenter Susanna Reid got the shock using a special device which he operated.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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