The criminal world sounded the alarm after the arrest of Shishkina


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Andrew Lukovskiy / RIA Novosti

The arrest of Oleg Shishkanov has caused a stir in criminal circles. According to “Rosbalt”, the criminal world is concerned, who can be caught next.

In addition, there was a question about the further fate of the main thieves ‘ “common Fund” and its holder. According to “Rosbalt” that so lately was Zachary Kalash (Shakro Young), and then Siscan. However, both were behind bars. In the criminal world have concluded that each new holder “common Fund” runs the risk of being arrested and what’s at stake is the “common Fund”.

In connection with the recent events lawyers think about how to bring the “treasure” in a safe place — for example, abroad, in Turkey. It is expected that there will live its owner. Examples of such transfers have already been quite a long time gone abroad relative Shakro Young, thief in law Kachmazov Revaz (Rezo Ladinsky), holding a “common Fund” associated with the suburban colonies. In may this year the resolution was declared internationally wanted. “Rosbalt” notes that the fate of the mafia “common Fund” will solve the so-called criminal generals at the meeting to be held outside Russia.

According to the publication, the detention shishkanova could take place in 2015. Then, in the investigation of the disappearance in Moscow, the Deputy of Tatyana Sidorova, the security forces launched a massive operation and helicopters canvassed the area near the cottage of an alleged thief in the act. During the operation the special forces broke into the house of Shishkina, but that by the time he left Russia. He soon returned home, where he lived quietly until detention.

Monday, July 15, the Basmanny court of Moscow arrested shishkanova on suspicion of holding the higher position in criminal hierarchy (article 210.1 of the Criminal code of Russia). In court the suspect refused to plead guilty and stated that he does not understand the nature of the charges.

Oleg Shishkanov arrested on the night of July 15 at his home in the village of Popovka Ramensky district of Moscow region. In addition to the investigation under article 210.1, he is defendant in the case about custom-made murder of the Deputy of legislative Assembly of the Ramensky district of Tatiana Sidorova and three members of her family.

Shishkanova called the leader of the underworld, after the previous thief No. 1 Shakro Young was jailed for extortion for 10 years.

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