The ECHR asked hundreds of victims of domestic violence in Russia



The European court of human rights (ECHR) received approximately one hundred complaints of Russians on domestic violence, told “Interfax” the chosen one from Russia the court judge Dmitry Dedov.

Earlier in conversation with the Agency Grandfathers spoke of the need to change the Russian legislation and to protect women from aggressors. According to him, decriminalization beating hit on the already limited guarantees of protection.

“Domestic violence is a complex phenomenon, when the persecuted victim is subjected to not only physical but also psychological violence, i.e. any form of harassment. Don’t leave her alone, she is in constant fear,” the judge said.

He added that the case affected because of domestic violence Russian women Valeria Volodya, which the ECHR has appointed 20 thousand euros in compensation, became a precedent for the development of practices in the fight against this phenomenon.

According to the Ministry of justice, for eight years the Strasbourg court has received only six complaints from victims of domestic violence in Russia.

35-the summer inhabitant of Ulyanovsk Volodina several years been subjected to violence by former husband. According to her, because of the beatings she had to have an abortion. In 2016 she tried to escape from him, but the man found her and forcibly brought back. The woman turned to the police and recorded the beating, but the case against her husband was not filed. She appealed to the ECHR, which stood on its side in July 2019. A thing Volodya became the first claim on domestic violence in Russia.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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