The government of Ukraine suspected in the secret financing of the radicals


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Gleb Garanich / Reuters

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine is secretly funding ultra-right extremist groups under the guise of educational programs. It is reported by the investigative group is Bellingcat.

According to her, the government in the framework of the “national-Patriotic education” of youth awards grants that extreme right organizations use to increase their influence and attract new supporters. This project is headed by the head of the Department of national Patriotic education of the Ministry of youth and sport of Ukraine Nikolay Lyakhovich, said Bellingcat.

It is clarified that since the beginning of 2019 the government has allocated for various national-Patriotic education projects 8 million (19 million). Of these, 845 thousand UAH (2 million) had received branches of the Ukrainian extremist organizations, including the national corpus and C14. The latter, in particular, are suspected of murder of Ukrainian journalist Oles Buzina in April 2015.

Both of these organizations indicated in the report on human rights the US state Department in March 2019. In the document they are called “nationalist hate groups”. “The decision of the Ukrainian government to Finance these projects provides teams with an additional source of legitimacy, but also gives additional impetus to their efforts to attract youth to its ranks,” writes Bellingcat.

In February, the international human rights organization Amnesty International has accused the Ukrainian government of systematic human rights violations, repression and complicity with the rampant right-wing groups. The report also pointed to the inaction of the police.

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