The government supported the idea to equate weepy and hookahs to cigarettes


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Evgeny Odinokov / RIA Novosti

The Russian government has welcomed the draft law on the restriction of use of wapow and hookahs and to ban their sale to minors. About it reports “Interfax” with reference to official opinion of the Cabinet.

According to the document, to hookah and other Smoking areas of tobacco and Smoking mixtures will be subject to “enhanced requirements, eliminating the possibility of penetration into adjacent rooms of the substances emitted in the process of consumption of the mentioned products”. In the text it is specified that it is necessary to establish administrative liability of owners of cafes and stores that violate anti-Smoking legislation. Also in the case of the adoption of the draft law will require amendments to the Labour code, the laws “On advertising” and “About the basic guarantees of the rights of the child.”

The authors of the initiative were several members of the Federation Council, including Valery Ryazansky. According to them, vapy and hookahs have become popular among children and youth, therefore the sale and use of this “hazardous products” should be limited. In addition, it is proposed to prohibit to involve minors Smoking, to show the device in the films, video and theatre. According to senators, the use of hookahs and wapow in the room should be equated to cigarette Smoking.

Similar bills repeatedly introduced in the state Duma. So, in may, a document was developed in the Moscow city Duma. In 2017, the state Duma Nikolai Gerasimenko and Marat Bariev spoke for a change in anti-Smoking laws. In 2015, a draft law developed by the senators Valery Ryazansky and Igor Chernyshev.

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