The man was charging the phone in bed and died



In the Thai province of Chonburi 21-year-old man was charging the phone, lying in bed, and died in his sleep from the shock. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

The body of Iotia Aron (Aron Yotyoi) found his older brother Viriot Guanglian (Weerayot Duanglaithong) on July 14. In the hands of the dead man was holding your smartphone still connected to the charger inserted in the extension cord. In the ears Iotia was inserted headphones. On his hands and face were traces of burns, and the groin area was bleeding.

Guanglian admitted that he had to go into the house of a relative through the window as his door was closed. Thai decided to visit his brother, as he did not come to the family dinner. He was very scared upon discovering the body, and at first was told about his death the whole family, and then called the police.

Police arrived on the scene to examine the body Iotia and did not find any traces of violent death. According to their estimates, the man died in six hours before he was found. The dead body was sent for autopsy.

At the end of may it was reported about the death of men from the Thai province of Nakhon Ratchasima, sarajevsko phone in bed. For an unknown reason, the device to death zapped him.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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