The relatives gave the girl a plastic surgery and ruined her


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A resident of Italy, died after cosmetic surgery that gave her a relatives birthday. About it reports information portal

Maria Chiara mete (Mete Maria Chiara), who worked as a hairdresser and studied at the Institute, have repeatedly complained about his family on his nose. In the end, the relatives gave her on her 21st birthday rhinoplasty — surgery to reshape the nose. The girl turned to the private clinic of the city of PIF Formio on 17 June. After the operation she became ill, she was taken to another hospital where the doctors declared her brain dead.

It is still unknown what caused the death of meta. A family could seek a court authorisation to the breathing tube used during surgery, as there is a suspicion that at some moment the girl ceased to supply oxygen. Relatives of the deceased also suggest that meta could happen is an allergic reaction to the medication used to reduce pressure and stop bleeding during surgery.

According to the materials of the case, the Italians had a heart attack, and then she went into a coma.

The girl will do the autopsy to clarify the circumstances of death.

“We don’t understand how at the age of 21 die from the surgery to correct the shape of the nose” — confessed to reporters heartbroken uncle mete. The family requires from the authorities a thorough investigation of the incident.

Earlier it was reported about the inhabitant of the Philippine island of Negros, which in secret from the family went for a liposuction. Surgery to remove fat ended with the death of a woman.

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