The Ukrainian court declared communism a threat to the state


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Ivan Kovalenko / “Kommersant”

The constitutional court of Ukraine recognized the law on decommunization of the country in conformity with the Constitution of the state. About it reports “Ukrainian truth” with reference to close to consider the source.

The meeting on the question of the constitutionality of the law “About the condemnation of the Communist and national socialist (Nazi) totalitarian regimes in Ukraine and the prohibition of propaganda of their symbols” took place behind closed doors on Tuesday. The source notes that according to the court, the propaganda of Communist ideas is an attempt to justify totalitarianism and, consequently, denies the constitutional principles of modern Ukraine.

Based on this, communism has been called “a real threat to the modern Ukrainian statehood.”

In may 2017 46 parliamentary deputies appealed to the constitutional court with a request to check the constitutionality of the anti-Communist law. They noted that it violates the rights and freedoms of citizens and contrary to democratic norms and international standards on freedom of expression. While the court considered this issue under the building of the COP took stock of the nationalists.

From may 2015, Ukraine has a law on de-communization. It provides for a ban on the use of Soviet symbols, the condemnation of the Communist regime of the Soviet Union and the opening of the country’s Soviet secret police archives. In the framework of the implementation of the law, the authorities have renamed a few cities, tens streets. Also dismantled monuments to Soviet leaders and figures. In 2017 Ukraine reported the destruction of all monuments to Lenin. In Cherkasy and Lugansk regions in their place appeared the sculptures Chipollino and Ukrainian Cossack.

The fifth President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko called de-communization one of the main outcomes of his presidency. The leader of the “servant of the people”, which supports the new President, Vladimir Zelenskiy, Mr Razumkov said that the renaming of towns and villages according to the law on decommunization need to take at the local level, not in Parliament.

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