The UN has attended to the Ukrainian law on language


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The UN has expressed concern which came into force in Ukraine the law about the exclusivity of the Ukrainian language. This was during a meeting of the security Council of the said Deputy-Secretary-General for political Affairs rosemary Di Carlo, reports TASS.

According to her, this law has caused concern not only in Ukraine but also abroad. Change opinions on this legislation did not contribute even what the final version of the law was prepared taking into account the ambiguous moments. Di Carlo said that the office of the UN high Commissioner for human rights will recommend to Kiev to guarantee the linguistic rights of national minorities.

The initiator of the UN security Council’s meeting devoted to the Ukrainian language law, was Russia. Moscow has been trying to discuss this issue at the end of may, but the members of the Security Council voted against the approval of the Russian agenda.

The law “On ensuring the functioning of the Ukrainian language as the state” entered into force on 16 July. The law stipulates that the Ukrainian language is compulsory for public authorities and local governments, educational institutions, hospitals and service sectors. On it are obliged to speak in court, the army, law enforcement, advertising, during election campaigns and referendums.

For its violation, citizens will be issued fines from 200 to 700 untaxed minimum incomes, that is, from 3.4 thousand to 11.9 thousand (128-450 dollars). Compliance with the law will be monitored by a specially formed language Commission. While some provisions of the act will come into force for several years. Everyday conversations in Russian and other languages could not be prosecuted.

The law about the exclusivity of the Ukrainian language, the Verkhovna Rada adopted on 25 April. Because of the attempts of the opposition to block the law, the fifth President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko able to sign it only on may 15 of the current year. His successor at the head of the state Vladimir Zelensky promised to protect the Ukrainian language.

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