Turkish hotels had to cut prices


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A successful season 2018 has pushed Turkish hotels too sharp increase in prices, causing the download of the resorts in the Antalya coast has decreased. About it reports “Interfax”.

The occupancy rate of hotel rooms in the summer of 2019 is 70 to 90 percent. To download hotels in the remaining weeks of July and August completely, hoteliers offer discounts on certain dates to 10-15 percent, hoping for a reservation “at the last minute” (last minute).

The placement of objects, working mainly with European tourists the chance of booking last minute more. Russian travelers, unlike European, are waiting for a significant price reduction.

Despite the partial occupancy of hotels, Turkey remains the leader of the tourist season in Russia: it accounts for 44 percent of sales of the tours. According to the expectations of the representatives of the Turkish tourism business in 2019 in this country should go about six million Russians. In the first five months of the year in Turkey rested for about 1.7 million tourists from Russia (by 20.5 percent more than the same period in 2018).

On 13 July it was reported that the Turkish worker told us that the hotel can re-put on a buffet of products with a long shelf life. “In the system “all inclusive” is defined foods that can circulate, that is to be re-used. And formed a range of buffet-style”, — he said. This list includes pasteurized olives, cheese, butter, honey, jam and more. For example, if these products were offered to guests in the morning, but was not used, they can be put on the table during lunch or dinner.

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