Vice-Prime Minister of Italy accuses Ukrainians of plotting the assassination itself


www.vsyako.netMatteo Salvini Photos: Remo Casilli / Reuters

The weapons, seized from Pro-Ukrainian neo-Nazi groups in Italy, had planned to use to assassinate the interior Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini. This was told by the Minister himself, his words leads Mediaset.

“It was one of many threats to life that come to me every day. Intelligence agencies reported that the Ukrainian group, which was preparing an attempt,” said he.

I doubted that in my life did something bad to the Ukrainians, but also pointed to the fact that not familiar with any neo-Nazis. “I’m glad that helped to find the Arsenal,” the Minister added.

On 15 July it was reported that in Italy the police found and seized weapons associated with the combat operations in the Donbass. Law enforcement officers conducted several special operations in Turin and other cities in the North of the country in anti-terrorism investigations and arrested three people.

Among the weapons seized were including machines of last generation and the current missile of class “air-air”, previously in service in Qatar. It was noted that the weapons belonged to the group of people exposed to fighting in the South-East of Ukraine mercenaries. The owners of the rockets were trying to sell it.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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