Weddings and funerals the Russians were under threat


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In Russia there is a failure in the electronic system of registration of acts of civil status, which across the country had stopped issuing death certificates, marriage and birth, according to “360”.

According to the publication, 15 July the Russians can’t get the certificate. On the mass failure became known in Yekaterinburg, Rostov-on-don, Vladimir, Kazan, Ulyanovsk.

It is noted that this is hardest on those who can’t get the stamp of the death certificate of relatives, because to bury the deceased only in the presence of such. Because of the failure of those people whose relatives died far from home, are unable to obtain the necessary for a funeral document. They have to contact the Registrar directly and stand in the queue. The system of issuing certificates always writes error, which complicates the work of the staff of the registry offices.

So, father of the inhabitant of St.-Petersburg has died in Karelia a few days ago, writes “Fontanka”. The woman immediately came back and execute all the necessary documents, but to be buried in his native city until you can. “Yesterday my name in the local registry office went to the funeral home, but for the whole day and failed to make our data into the system. This morning sitting here, first in line. The system constantly writes about the failure, and data to amend can not” — said the woman.

“The problem is the all-Russian nature”, — wrote in his Twitter head of the Agency record of civil status acts of the Ulyanovsk region Jeanne Nazarov.

On 5 June it was reported about the failure of the police system — it is “stuck” due to technical problems, which were suspended reception of citizens in all regional divisions of the state traffic Inspectorate and the provision of public services. Due to a failure in the system the Russians couldn’t register cars and motorcycles, and view fines.

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