A postcard reaches the recipient after 26 years


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Kim Draper

A resident of Springfield, Illinois, received a postcard, dated 1993. It is reported by news portal UPI.

Unusual message came to Kim Draper (Draper Kim) 8 Jul. First, the woman decided that the mailman got the wrong address. Later, she carefully examined the card and found out that she was sent the previous tenants Muhammad Ali Kizilbash (Muhammad Ali Kizilbash) and Lina (Leena) 8 July, exactly 26 years ago. In a letter to their father described his journey to Hong Kong.

“Postcard perfectly preserved, given that it gathering dust at the post office as much as 26 years,” said Draper in a conversation with journalists. The woman told about the incident to local media to find the people mentioned in the parcel.

“I was hoping that someone would see a story in the local newspaper, perhaps she will notice them and contact with me, she said. I really want to meet them. I can’t just throw a postcard in the trash”.

In 2018, it was reported that a resident of the state of Florida Vera Walker was waiting for a parcel for 20 years. American ordered for a four year old granddaughter some books in 1998, but they were taken only at the end of September 2018. Mail explained the delay by the fact that the parcel is stuck in the old mailbox.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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