Alligators-meth heads scare the police


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The police Department of the U.S. city of Loretto, Tennessee, urged not to flush drugs into the sewer. About it reports NBC News.

Visit Department Facebook says of a failed attempt to pull the drain meth, which has taken one of the suspects during a search in his house. The author of the post took the opportunity to warn about the possible consequences of such action.

He believes that from the sewers of drug chemicals will get into treatment tanks, where they are consumed by local livestock. “There is often visited by ducks, geese, other game, and we shudder at the idea of what a bird stoned, — said in the post. — Furthermore, if the drugs will spread far enough, we can become heroes of the appearance of methamphetaminerelated in Shoal Creek and the Tennessee river in North Alabama. As they have in recent weeks and we have enough animals under the MDA”.

Biologist Kent Vliet (Kent Vliet), specializing in the study of alligators, questioned the reality of such a threat. “In my opinion, it doesn’t make sense, he said to NBC News. — If you pull the meth in the sewer, it will be too diluted”.

In January it was reported that the cocaine that enters the Thames from the sewers of urine drug threatens London’s eels. The Times newspaper expressed concern about the influence of the drug on fish and cited the scientific work, according to which even a small dose of cocaine makes river eels hyperactive.

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