Became aware of the poverty of the smiling employees of Disneyland


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Ordinary employees of amusement parks Disneyland get so low wages that barely make ends meet. This was stated by the Director and the grandniece of company founder Walt Disney Abigail Disney, reports Yahoo News.

Disney told journalists that communicated with a large number of employees of the Park in Anaheim, California, and they all complained about the lack of money. “As I can every day to portray the joy and warmth when I get home and climb for food in the trash to the neighbor?” she quoted one of his companions.

In conversation with reporters, she publicly addressed the current Director of the company Robert Iger, who receives a thousand times more than the average Disney employee. “You are a great Manager, but I suggest you to go down in history as someone who did a really good job,” said Disney, calling the Eiger to think about the welfare of their employees.

She also said that already appealed to the Eiger. He forwarded the woman to the staffing Department of the company where the inquiry at some point stopped responding. The publication notes that the firm fully funds education for some groups of its unqualified employees to this programme is planned to spend more than $ 150 million.

The Walt Disney Company is one of the largest companies in the entertainment industry. Its turnover is more than 61 billion dollars. It owns such franchises like Marvel and Star Wars.

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