Custom explained the detention of the Russians with a cure for the dying son


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A resident of Moscow Elena Bogolyubov, was arrested on suspicion of smuggling of psychotropic substances, as she had no prescription for a terminally ill son. About this informed the head of the press service of the Central customs office of Federal customs service of Russia Ekaterina Anciperov, reports RIA Novosti.

According to representatives of the Ministry, during the arrest the woman was asked to provide “supporting documents”, which was not a prescription or recommendation from a doctor. “Was recommended by some doctors, it is the recommendation that it is possible to use such drugs,” — said the press service of the customs.

The Department also stated that the drug frisium, which ordered the Russian woman, is not registered on the territory of Russia and does not have a license. In addition, the examination showed that it has some substance to clobazam. “This substance included in the third list government resolution No. 681, which restricts or prohibits turnover in territory of the Russian Federation of narcotics, precursors and psychotropic substances”, — said Anciperov.

Clarifies that the mother of a dying child was released to her case sent to the Prosecutor’s office and the interior Ministry. “We played exclusively the norms of the law”, — said the representative of the customs.

Bogolyubov was detained on July 16 on suspicion of smuggling of psychotropic substances due to the ordering in Internet anticonvulsant drug frisium needed her terminally ill son. A woman came to get the parcel to the post office, where he spent seven hours. She was threatened with criminal charges. The interior Ministry said that Agency staff did not participate in the arrest, and denied it. Later it turned out that it was customs officers.

The situation drew the attention of the Kremlin. Press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov said that it is a “serious concern”. He promised that the Kremlin will contact the Ministry of health.

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