Defined the worst day for the ruble


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Sergey Mamontov / RIA Novosti

Last Friday of the month, July 26, can be a “bad day” for the ruble. This opinion was expressed by the expert “International financial centre” Vladimir rozhankovsky, according to “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”.

He recalled that by the middle of next week, the ruble strengthened against the publication of preliminary data on U.S. GDP and reports on the foreign trade balance of the United States. “The focus will remain semi-annual corporate financial statements, which should also shed light on the question of how the dollar exchange rate to world currencies uncomfortable for the sale of such multinational corporations as Amazon, Johnson & Johnson, Halliburton, Intel and 3M,” he added rojankovsky. He believes that the relationship of the dollar to other currencies will increase, and the Russian currency strengthened to 61.9 ruble per dollar.

According to experts, the situation may change by the end of the working week — after the meeting of the monetary policy of the Bank of Russia on July 26. “Investors may be disappointed. So the last Friday of July is likely to be the worst day of the week for the ruble, which will unfold in the opposite direction,” he concluded.

About the coming collapse of the Russian currency in the second half of the year, previously said Yaroslav COSATU, chief economist of the largest Bank in Poland — PKO. According to him, a drop of 9.1% can be attributed to the outflow of non-resident investors from the Russian Federal loan bonds (OFZ). COSATU believes that the trade war and the policy of the Federal reserve system of the United States, which will reduce your bet carefully, will make the dollar more attractive to international investors.

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