Famous pictures buttocks blogger told about the strange requests on the network


www.vsyako.netNatalia Garibotto: @nataagataa

Popular blogger from Brazil Natalia Garibotto (Natalia Garibotto), famous for outspoken publications, told about the strange offers and requests that were submitted to her from subscribers. Her words quoted by the tabloid the Mirror.

Garibotto said that every day receives hundreds of marriage proposals. A 26-year-old woman received a few unusual requests: according to her, the fans offer her a fee for the water in which she bathed.

Blogger noticed that her work requires mental effort: to have a fixed income, she needs to maintain long-term cooperation with brands and attract new partners. This allows the woman to receive about 300 thousand dollars per year (about 1.6 million rubles per month). The price for one ad post in her account reaches five thousand dollars (more than 300 thousand rubles).

Profile Garibotto in Instagram with 1.3 million followers. According to her, this glory cost them dearly: “It’s ruined friendships and relationships,” — said the blogger, adding that many relatives wanted to use it. Its popularity the woman explained that “inspires” followers to work on themselves. Often the woman publishes photos in bathing suits showing off Breasts and buttocks.

Earlier in July, Instagram-model Bel Delphine (Delphine Belle) suggested the subscribers to acquire banks with the water in which she bathed. Later, one of them exposed her, after analyzing the water and not finding in it traces of human DNA.

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