In Ukraine, the candidate promised to “blow the horns” to his opponent


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The leader of the Ukrainian party “Civic position” and the candidate in people’s deputies Anatoliy Hrytsenko promised to “blow the horns” to the head of the party “Strength and honor” Igor Smeshko, if its representatives will threaten opponents. About this politician said on his page on Facebook.

According to Gritsenko, during a political talk show on ICTV channel his fellow party member Dmitry Dobrodomov Smeshko was asked a few uncomfortable questions about the presence in the lists of his party supporters of the former President of Petro Poroshenko. During the break, guard Smeshko attacked Dobrolubova with the requirement not to ask such questions.

“Click physically close his mouth? Fail! These vile spetssluzhbistskoy things yourself. In the Studio (not backstage) General [laugh] I firmly warned that another such a despicable act — the horns broken off. Without a guard,” wrote Hrytsenko.

In December last year, a Verkhovna Rada Deputy Ihor Mosiychuk was threatened British journalist Graham Phillips, who tore the flags from the grave of the leader of the banned in Russia Organization of Ukrainian nationalists Stepan Bandera. The MP said that he was taking the case under his personal control, and asked to start against the journalist a criminal prosecution for violation of a grave and the state flag of Ukraine.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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