Mei had compared the level of life in Russia and Britain


www.vsyako.netTheresa Matto: Henry Nicholls / Reuters

Prime Minister Theresa may commented on the words of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin about the collapse of liberalism. Video of her final speeches as Prime Minister published on the Youtube channel Guardian News.

“This [Putin’s words] is a cynical lie. No, comparing the quality of life or economic success of such liberal democracies as Britain, France and Germany with the Russian Federation, will not come to the conclusion that our system is outdated,” — said may. The outgoing leader of the Kingdom also said that “relations between great Britain and the United States will remain the “Foundation” international order”.

Separately, Mei focused on the consequences of the case Skrobala. “When our values are threatened, we must always be ready to hold fast to positions. As we did when Russia made poisoning in Salisbury. I promoted the initiative across the world to have sent more than hundreds of Russian spies,” she concluded.

On 27 June, Putin said that modern so-called liberal idea has become outdated, prejudice to the interests of the majority. He said that the West has admitted failing to implement some of its elements. As an example, he cited the problem of the crisis of migrants in Europe.

May 24 may reported that resigns. During a speech she was unable to hold back the tears.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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