Named unexpected similarities between Israel and Iran


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Israel was among the countries with the largest number of prohibitions regarding religion, sravnival for this indicator, with Iran, Saudi Arabia and Syria. To such conclusion researchers from the Pew Research Institute, reports The Times of Israel.

The Jewish state was one of the 22 countries considered the most stringent on the issue of limitations of religious freedom. In terms of “public hostility to religious norms” it is ranked fifth in the world, and in terms of “tension and violence” — sixth, ahead of this Syria.

The report States that the major role in such a situation, in addition to the relations of Jews and Palestinians, played by such factors as an active and privileged community of ultra-Orthodox Jews and the influence of religious ideas on the actions of politicians.

Israel’s Constitution stipulates that it is a Jewish state. The chief Rabbinate of the country controls all the weddings, divorces, funerals, and treatment and recognizes only Jewish practices. For non-religious people and married couples with different faith have a special law about weddings, but it has not all the rights that Jews get. On Saturday, the Holy day for them, in most Israeli cities not serviced by public transport.

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