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Published by Rosstat data on industrial production growth in Russia by the end of June does not correspond to the estimates of this Department for certain types of economic activity. This was reported by the respondents “Interfax” experts.

The report in question was published on Tuesday, July 16. In particular, it was said that by the end of June, the Russian industry has accelerated more than three times: from may’s 0.9 per cent growth reached 3.3 percent. The report stated that mining rose 2.3 percent year on year, manufacturing industry — 3.4 percent, providing electric energy, gas and steam at 2.5%, water supply decreased by 1.8 percent. The office indicated that the weight of each of the four sectors in the industrial production index is considered on the basis of the structure of the economy for the base year 2010. Then, the manufacturing industry accounted for 52.5 percent, in the mining — 34 percent, water and electricity — 13.5%.

The Deputy Director of the Center for macroeconomic analysis and short-term forecasting Vladimir Salnikov drew attention to the fact that data on certain types of activities do not agree with the outcome. “If you weigh the Rosstat figures according to types of activities, then we get the average figure for the growth of the industry is 2.8 percent,” he explained. By assessing the primary data on the goods, he came to the conclusion that excluding the defense industry in June “was a slight negative in annual terms”.

Another interviewee — the head of “macroeconomics” at the Institute of VEB Oleg HASP — believes that the overall industry growth is 2.9 percent.

Meanwhile, Rosstat said that the calculations are made according to approved methodology. Earlier, Rosstat withdrew the April growth estimate for the industry. The Agency began an internal investigation of the distortion of data on gas production. The error is explained by the fact that one of the companies in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district has overestimated the data about gas production.

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