Russian scientists and students exploring the White sea


www.vsyako.netWhite morephoto: Vladimir Trefilov / RIA Novosti

Russian scientists together with the students will study the White and Barents sea during the expedition of the Arctic floating University (APU) on Board the vessel “Professor Molchanov”. This was reported TASS the head of the expedition, head of the centre for monitoring of environmental pollution of the Northern Department for Hydrometeorology and environmental monitoring (Northern UGMS) Olga Gripas.

According to her, the expedition included 57 people, half of them — students of Moscow state University, St. Petersburg state University, Russian state hydrometeorological University (RSHU) and the Northern Arctic Federal University (NARFU).

As noted, the expedition will last 18 days and will conclude on August 2. In the course of its researchers will study three Bay of the White sea and the Islands Body, and landed on the island of Sosnowiec, where they will participate in the work of the local weather station.

In addition, the expedition members plan to conduct interviews of representatives of indigenous minority peoples of the North who live in the village of Bugrino on Kolguev island and in the village of Varnek on Vaigach island. The inhabitants of the coast find out what is the impact of climate change in the Arctic on their lives and traditional activities as they relate to the creation of specially protected natural areas, to mining operations in remote areas of the Arctic to resource extraction companies.

The expedition takes place in the framework of the Federal program “Development of advanced infrastructure for research and development in the Russian Federation” of the national project “Science.” She, in particular, assumes carrying out in Russia of about 250 scientific marine expeditions to 2024. For its implementation it is planned to allocate 350 billion rubles.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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