Serial su-57 will change engines


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Vladimir Sergeev / RIA Novosti

Russian serial fighter of the fifth generation su-57, currently receiving engines of the first stage, subsequently powertrains will be replaced by the engines of the second stage, said to “Interfax” Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov.

“The first production deliveries of the fighters this year will go to the engine of the first stage. Followed by replacement with the engine of the second stage,” the official said.

According to him, the Armed forces need the su-57 with a single type of engine. “Currently, the second stage engine passes factory tests, and in the future will be installed on the aircraft for the state tests,” — said Deputy Prime Minister.

Borisov confirmed that the Russian heavy attack drone With a 70 “Hunter” will take to the air this year. “This is a sensitive subject and I wouldn’t want to dwell on the details,” the official added.

In April it became known that the engine of the first stage of AL-41F-1 for the su-57 has passed the necessary testing and put into production.

In February, honored military pilot of Russia Vladimir Popov said that currently does not matter how many serial fighters of the fifth generation su-57 engines of the first stage will receive the Russian space forces.

In the same month it was reported that the takeoff weight of the drone With a 70 “Hunter” may be 25 tons, of which 2.8 tons will be in service. The wingspan is 19 meters. At length the car reaches 14 meters. At low altitude are developing a drone speed is estimated at 1.4 thousand kilometers per hour. The flight range of the machine, up to five thousand kilometers.

Earlier in the same month, Vice-President of “United aircraft Corporation” (UAC) for military-technical cooperation Ilya Tarasenko said that Russia plans to bring the su-57 on the external market.

AL-41F-1 created based on the power unit AL-41F1S that gets su-35S. In the future, the su-57 will be equipped with engines of the second stage (“article 30”). Only by 2027, the Ministry of defense of Russia plans to buy from “Dry” 76 units of su-57.

Information about developing a “Hunter” appeared in 2012. It was argued that the eponymous research work on the creation of shock UAV weighing up to 20 tons being “Dry” and “MiG”, and the maximum speed of the drone was estimated at a thousand kilometers per hour.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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