The Council set the trampoline by men angered women


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Amazon

The wearer Amazon wrote negative reviews on a trampoline once found in the description an indication of the importance of the participation of men in the process of installation design, reports the Daily Mail.

Retailer accused of sexism due to the fact that in the product description it says that if involved the installation of women and children, that they should “seek the assistance of men,” and that “it is not necessary to install [the trampoline] only children or women”.

Potential buyers began to leave angry comments to the address of the manufacturer, the company Newan, and online seller. “Can this company be more sexist?” — wrote one of kritikes.

The product is still in the range of the site, but is not currently available for sale. The representative Newan assured that the recommendation was not mandatory, women can cope with the installation of the trampoline alone. However, the company suggested that while fixing the elastic rope may require a masculine strength.

In June authors, advertising new multifunction cards for the residents of St. Petersburg was accused of sexism. In the promotional video card is compared with the ideal woman.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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