The Russians turned Instagram Lady Gaga chat about cabbage rolls and tubes


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Instagram users from Russia have begun to communicate in the comments to the posts in the account of American singer Lady Gaga after rumors of her affair with actor Bradley Cooper, in June of 2019 broke up with model Irina Shayk.

A share in the review of useful life lifehacks, for example, about how to cook soup, cook the cabbage or use a banana peel. Some take the opportunity and try to learn and to offer your services or sell something.

“Sell the Mercedes, 2006, excellent condition, 11000$, Minsk. Non-negotiable,” wrote one of the users. “Guys, just the sort of thing: Russians advertise their services. I physiognomist,” said another. “On the ring road is 51-km away. the Big stopper, it’s better to travel”, — warned the compatriots Edgar_Galiullin.

Users in the comments conveyed greetings acquaintances, commissioned songs and communicate with loved ones. “Honey, come in “roundabout”! Buy everything at the Olivier. Waiting for after work, don’t be late!” called the wife the husband.

In addition, commentators asked each other’s advice. “Is there any sense to remove the tree?” — interested one user. “Forgot about buckwheat, and it has stuck. How to wash?” — asked the other. “Schengen is there to do?” — wrote a third.

Those who have already received answers to their questions, thanking comments in the account of the singer for this unique opportunity. “I have half of the problems in his life decided only because of this group. Thank you!!! I used to live?!” — Mr happy.lars. “Just a storehouse of useful information. Galochka, honey, you see there is not accidentally delete the post, and the Khan encyclopedia”, praised the content of the comment by another Russian.

Earlier in the account Gaga appeared only negative comments. It was called a home wrecker, a goat, and published some emojis in the form of a snake.

July 13, it became known that Gaga moved to Cooper.

In June of 2019 Cooper and Shayk have split up after four years of relationship. Many thought Lady Gaga the cause of the break. Rumors about the affair began to appear because of the movie “a Star is born” in which the actor and Lady Gaga have played a major role.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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