The secret witness testified on Shishkina


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The secret witness told about the involvement of the alleged kingpin Oleg Shishkanov to the theft of special purpose land in the Chekhov district of the Moscow region. It is reported owned by Grigory Berezkin the RBC.

The testimony of a man under the assumed name of Apraksin (the real information on his identity is classified) appear in the indictment on criminal case of businessman Nikolay Pavlinov. He is the main accused of the theft of lands. The TV channel “Russia 24” call of the entrepreneur crime boss named Peacock.

Apraksin a witness told investigators that officials Chekhov’s administration worked closely with representatives of the criminal world. In particular, under the patronage of Shishkina Julia Ivanova was appointed to the post of chief cadastral chamber Chekhov district, then Deputy chief of the local tax office. Her assignment was paid from the funds of the thieves ‘ obshchak, said the witness. Before this woman was Deputy head of the Ramensky cadastral chamber of Anne of Haibullina, who was the protégée of Ramenskiy OPG under the direction of Shishkina and helped with carrying out illegal actions with the earth. This was dealt with Ivanov in Chekhov district. Her Khaibullino condemned for frauds with the earth: Ivanova got off with probation, her accomplice received six years in prison.

RBC leads the scheme in which he sold plots of the defense Ministry, forestry Agency, having the status of especially protected territories. Using Chekhov’s Department of cadastral chamber of Rosreestr submitted fake documents to renew the earth special forces for resale.

The edition with reference to the investigation reports that Shishkanov in 1982 was convicted of murder. In November 1991 he was released after serving his sentence. Siscan later changed his name to Medvedev. According to operational data, he maintained contact with the other prisoners, keeping the traditions of thieves culture. In 1992 in Moscow hotel complex “Izmailovo” Shishkanov was crowned thief in the law. Now the Investigative Committee considers it murder, gambling, prostitution and drug trafficking.

July 15, Oleg Shishkanov was detained and arrested on suspicion of holding the higher position in criminal hierarchy (article 210.1 of the criminal code). Russia’s investigative Committee also believes him involved in the kidnapping and murder of the Deputy of Tatyana Sidorova and her family in 2012.

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