The slender model appeared among the women with “real” bodies and was cursed


www.vsyako.netPhoto: @inthestyle

Fashion brand In The Style invited slender girl to become the face of bodypositive campaign that angered the fans. Pictures appeared in the Instagram account of the brand.

The main heroine shooting chose blogers Chessy king. With her in the photo session was attended by seven other girls with a curvaceous figure and skin flaws. Subscribers In The Style angered that the campaign promotes respect for each female body, the main figure was slender king. This they expressed in the comments to the posts.

“This is one of the most absurd things I have ever seen. The series is dedicated with love to my body, and clothing advertises the slender man. Well, let’s say I believe you’re confident. And then what?” — wondered one commenter. “Can skinny people can be insecure because of your body? Yes. Is there any benefit from conversations on the topic of bodypositive when discussing normal body? No,” said another. “Where’s the fat model? I laugh. Scroll through your page and see that you always work with the same type of bodies,” complained a third.

The brand’s founder Adam Frisby explained that Chessy king was selected as the Ambassador of the project for a reason. According to him, the girl is not only an activist movement bodypositive, but love and boldly shows his real body along with his weaknesses in social networks.

Itself blogger also responded to the negativity on the web. She posted a collage, which combines an old photograph of her posing in a swimsuit, being very lean, and modern, the body rolls on her stomach. “No one knows your story, your relationship with your body if we ourselves have not lived life in your shoes” — she wrote under the photo.

In February, a similar situation faced the British online retailer Boohoo, when I hired a slim model to advertise lingerie for full. Photos of 26-year-old Anne Ritzdorf appeared on the website of the store and brought of themselves activists. In the description of the products, it was stated that the girl is underwear size XL, while in real life she wears L.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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