The winner of the Davis Cup, spoke about “the rich” life of tennis

510 Nicholas Davydenkova: Alexey Filippov / RIA Novosti

Former Russian tennis player Nikolay Davydenko in an interview with YouTube channel of the newspaper “Sport-Express” said about the prize in the sport.

Davydenko said today earnings of tennis players has grown significantly, so even after losing in the first round of the international tournament, they receive a significant prize. “I think this is overkill, because people sometimes go, just to earn the money,” he said.

Ex-tennis player remembered that previously received 10-15 thousand dollars for participating in the first round of the international tournament, adding that now athletes are already 40 thousand. “In the past, to earn so much, had to walk a couple of laps. So now the players live rich” — he concluded.

Davydenko retired from the sport in 2014. In the tournament series “Grand slam,” he’s twice reached the semi-finals. In 2006, the Russian team tennis player he won the Davis Cup.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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