The woman was convicted of adultery after a few hours after birth


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A Reddit user told how he caught his beloved half-brother of treason after a few hours after birth. He asked whether he did, in the community AmItheAsshole (“not a bastard I?”).

The man explained that his 24-year-old half-brother of the mulatto, as he was born of a white mother and black father, and his 25-year-old girlfriend is half African — American, and the other part — Asian. As soon as the author of the post saw their newborn child with light skin, he said half-brother that the child wasn’t his. Heard that the new mother got angry and kicked him out of the chamber.

However, the father of the child is left with a Reddit user and confessed to him that he has long suspected that he is not true lover. She hid from him the phone and his friends somehow noticed her profile to Dating app Tinder. The man refused to recognize the child as his until I get the results of the DNA examination.

The parents of the author of the post agreed with his conclusions. However, his grandparents were very angry with him because of similar assumptions. The young mother several times asked the beloved to refuse a DNA test.

She later admitted the man really cheated on him.

Commentators have accused the author of the post in the absence of tact. A few users said that he does not understand genetics. “Don’t forget about mutations. I’m an albino, born to two black parents. And I hate when people ask me, didn’t adopt me, or when my mother and I, looking doubtfully in the eyes,” wrote one of them.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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