Unwashed pillows ignited the feud in the network


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Yuki Iwamura / Globallookpress.com

In a network dispute about how often you need to wash pillows. The start of the wearer of the website Mumsnet and nick StrawberrySundance.

According to the woman, in the last couple of years she is suffering from spots on my face. She told me that she used different creams, tried drinking more water, regularly wash pillow cases, but then realized that I hadn’t washed the pillow itself for more than ten years. Partner StrawberrySundance condemned her, and the woman turned to the users of the website for support.

Many admitted that did the same. However, some of the users reacted to the words of the narrator negatively. “I can’t imagine how you can sleep on the pillow for ten years and not wash it. In the dream, people sweat, secrete saliva, and all this penetrates through the pillow case”, — explained his position KingMidasAteMidges.

Other users confirmed that they do wash the pillows themselves. “I wash them once a year or when they receive strong dirt. Usually do it in the summer so that you can dry them on the street,” wrote one of the wearer. Some of the women agreed that washing is harmful to cushions, which eventually lose her form.

Some insisted that the pillows need to be replaced every six months, or more frequently, however, met with criticism from others. “No wonder the planet is in such a bad state if someone throws pillows every six months,” protested one of the users.

In may 2019 the subject of dispute, the network has been the use of toilet paper. Some have argued that the use of nine rolls a day — a normal practice, but were not all agree with them.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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