Zelensky proposed to dismantle “the Ukraine” for parts


www.vsyako.netThe missile cruiser “Ukraine”Photo: Public Domain / Wikimedia

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky has offered to dismantle the missile cruiser “Ukraine” because of its irrelevance to the country. This idea during a joint meeting with the state visit of the ship was stated by the Minister of defence Stepan Poltorak, writes “Today”.

According to the Minister, the armament and equipment of the cruiser unusable, is of Russian origin and “obsolete even for Russian Federation”. As another argument in favor of the irrelevance of the ship Poltorak pointed out that the tasks for which it is intended — support aviudary groups over long distances — do not stand in front of the Ukrainian Navy.

The Minister proposed to raise the question of demilitarization of the cruiser before the government and dismantle it for parts. Some of them, according to the Poltorak, can be used as parts for current ships in service.

An unfinished missile cruiser “Ukraine” project 1164 was founded in 1985 by order of the USSR Navy under the name of “Admiral of fleet Lobov” and launched in 1990. It was supposed to finish by 1994, but in October 1993 it became the property of Ukraine and was renamed. However, funds and technical capabilities to the operational development of ocean-going ships in Kiev was not. Three previous spacecraft in this series — “Moscow” (till 1995 — “Glory”), “Marshal Ustinov” and “the Vikings” (up to 1995 — “Chervona Ukraina”) — part of the Russian Navy.

Since then, the cruiser was standing on the dock “Nikolaev shipbuilding plant”. In 2015 at your own expense kept the company’s employees. In December 2017, it was reported that the Ministry of defense of Ukraine officially abandoned the cruiser. Military because of obsolete weapons found it impractical to finish the ship, a quarter of a century idle under 95 percent availability.

One of the reasons for the refusal of the cruiser, as they say in the Navy of the country, is that about 80 percent of the weapons on the cruiser — Russian production, while the ship itself was designed for the samples of navigation equipment and small arms which in Ukraine is not performed.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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