Buttocks on the pavement filled the city and frightened the locals


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Bored Panda

The wearer of the social network Facebook in the British city Ramsbottom was puzzled by the appearance of many similar drawings on the roads. According to the Daily Mirror, she worried that the symbols may use the criminals.

The woman posted a special post in the group, which consist of local residents, and asked, do you know something about these signs and notice if they are someone else. One of the users answered that in another city, the marks on the pavement left by the kidnappers dogs — so they pointed out that in the house opposite lives a pet.

Another user said that he saw “five or so” exactly the same marks in another part of Ramsbottom. Not having accurate and detailed answer, she later wrote that alerted neighbors and called the police just in case.

However, later another user explained the appearance of the icons of chalk on the road is just the handiwork of her little son. “My son gave a chalk in school and on the way home he began to draw the buttocks every 18 meters. Excuse me,” she wrote.

The woman added that while the child is “not well mastered the art of drawing the fifth point, but it’s a matter of time”, and published a few photos of his son’s creativity.

Before the American Cory ward has posted a video from the doctor’s office, where her approval of daughter licks medical equipment. For this, the woman faces a prison term.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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