Determined the timing of the onset of the heat wave in Russia


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Valeriy Melnikov / RIA Novosti

In the next five years, Russia is expected to jump to extreme climate change. This “Star” said senior researcher of the Institute of atmospheric physics of the earth RAS named, a climatologist Alexander Chernokulskiy.

According to the scientist, the possibility of establishing the unusually hot weather in any region of Russia is very high. “In Siberia or European Russia — hard to say, but it can be installed”, — he explained.

Chernokulsky stated that the reason for the temperature anomalies may be the arrival of a blocking anticyclone. So, this year the temperature in Europe has reached 42 to 44 degrees. “In Russia, on the contrary, it is quite cold, but it’s all one process: when a blocking anticyclone, in one part of the inflow of heat occurs, in the other the inflow of the cold,” said the climatologist.

He concluded that a change in the weather will lead to global catastrophe, however the main cause of climate change was the omission of companies.

Earlier in July, the Russians revealed the cause of the July cold. It was reported that the weather can be associated with a stationary regime of weather due to global climate change.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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