Discovered factory fake Ferrari


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Polícia Civil de Santa Catarina

Police in the Brazilian city itajaí closed the factory, which produces replica luxury Italian cars of Ferrari and Lamborghini. As reported by Time, a workshop in the southern state of Santa Catarina owned by the father and the son, at first they were detained and then released under recognizance not to leave.

According to police, the car was made on a previous order, they were sold through social networks across the country. For a fake Ferrari and Lamborghini asked from 45 to 60 thousand dollars, which is approximately 8 percent of the value of the original supercars.

During the RAID it was discovered almost eight finished cars, the exact number of fakes sold is not yet established. What kind of parts were used during Assembly, it is not specified, but found branded nameplates, injection molds and finishing details.

Motor1 said that on one of the machines was equipped with the engine from Chevrolet. Representatives of Ferrari and Lamborghini already filed about illegal copying of their products.

The investigation began in the spring: then the lawsuits against the company filed by the company from the state of são Paulo, which represents the interests of Ferrari and Lamborghini. Also in the court of the factory filed two clients, they complained about the delivery delay.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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