Human rights activists suspected relatives in pressure exported to Chechnya of the Russian


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Muscovite Zaire sugaipova, which relatives had been driven to Chechnya from the women’s crisis center “Kitezh”, could withdraw under the influence of relatives. This was stated by the Director of the centre Alena eltcova, reports

“Otherwise she could not answer. I believe that it is voluntarily flying, if you see her alone at the airport with the documents. She is now in a very difficult situation,” said elcova.

According to the Director of Kitezh, sugaipova loves his parents and is afraid of them to shame, so do not want publicity. Elcova also questioned the poor academic performance of girls at school, because the exam, she allegedly passed on 98 points and was tutoring. As evidence of voluntary treatment Sugaipova in “Kitezh”, elcova showed screenshots of correspondence with the girl. In them, she wondered how to get to the center by metro, and shares his plans to escape from home.

Words relatives Sugaipova about discredit the Chechen people and the recruitment of girls eltcova called “strange” and “absurd.” She stressed that sugaipova appealed to the centre as Muscovite, and the documents had nothing to do with Chechnya. “To say that we have created a group where someone recruited is absurd,” she said.

On 17 July, the TV channel “Grozny” has published an interview with Sugaipova in which she stated that she went to Chechnya for the summer holidays on their own. She also said that the wedding was not planned. According to the girl, she actually ran away in a crisis centre but the reason was problems with the study — sugaipova “thought it much to criticize at home.” Escape was supposedly spontaneous, but four days later, the girl repented and called his mother, who took her out of there.

July 13, the activist Darya Serenko told about the girl who ran the crisis center from their parents and disappeared, leaving the documents and money. She told her friend the number of the flight on which it wanted to get to Chechnya, and added that she was drugged. Police did not respond to calls from activists because the relatives were assured that with the girl all right. The project “Legal initiative” has published the statement of the girls to enroll in “Kitezh” as evidence of its appeal to human rights defenders.

July 15 edition of the Daily Storm published April correspondence with Zaira. She complained that in the family of her beaten, humiliated, forbidden to leave the house to wear regular clothes, meet a Muslim and forced to pray. The girl began to put itself harm, but when the father found out, he promised to kill her, and then allegedly decided to marry a religious Muslim.

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