In Poland revealed the fear of Sweden to the Russian paratroopers


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The Swedish authorities are increasing the military presence on the island of Gotland in the Baltic sea due to the potential threat of Russian invasion, writes Polish journalist Bartosz Velinski in Gazeta Wyborcza.

According to him, in early July at the port of Visby profit rocket launchers, and radars with a range of over 400 kilometers. Command center by fire of antiaircraft batteries BAMSE was invited to the opening of the installation photographers. Thus the Swedish authorities decided to boast that the country is even more entrenched in Gotland, Velinski said.

Gotland is the largest Swedish island in the Baltic. Located 130 kilometers from the coast of Latvia and 330 kilometers from Kaliningrad, it has a strategic importance for the country. The Swedish authorities, as the author explains, can control with Gotland the whole Baltic region, as well as the movement of the Russian fleet, if he wanted to take military action against Poland, Denmark and Germany. “Therefore, in the scenarios of the aggression of the USSR invariably appears a RAID of Russian paratroopers on the island and save it from the game with a single strike,” — adds the journalist.

According to Velinski, after the end of the cold war the costs of the Swedish army gradually declined, and in 2005, the Gotland was left by the last soldiers. Everything changed after the annexation of Crimea to Russia and the outbreak of hostilities in the East of Ukraine. The Swedish authorities “realized the seriousness of the situation” and decided to restore the army. So, in 2017, the armed forces again entered the call, and on Gotland returned soldiers. By 2020, the island is planning to deploy several hundred soldiers, tanks and a modern air defense system.

Fears the Swedes reinforce exercises of Russia on the Baltic sea. During the maneuvers of the Russian military allegedly faked an attack on the Swedish goal. Also the exercises have involved strategic bombers Tu-22M carrying nuclear warheads. Swedish command believed that Moscow was planning a nuclear strike on the territory of the country to exclude it from the action on the Baltic sea, Velinski said.

In September last year, the President of Finland Sauli Niinistö said that he is not afraid of threats from Russia. According to him, Moscow has no plans to attack Finland, so the country is not seeking to join NATO.

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