In sostarivayut Russian app a threat to Americans


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U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer (Chuck Schumer) said that the program FaceApp that edits user photos network can threaten the security of Americans. A request for verification of the application, which he submitted to the FBI posted on Twitter.

“The FBI and the Federal trade Commission needs to consider risks to national security and privacy, because millions of Americans have used it,” said Schumer.

The leader of the Democrats embarrassed that users are obliged to grant the application full access to their personal photos and data. According to him, so confidential information about millions of Americans falling into the hands of the Russians owning the program.

At the end of your query Schumer stressed that now more than ever it is important to protect personal and biometric data of the users, “including from foreign hostile States.”

Employees FaceApp claim that store all the downloaded data in the cloud in a timely manner and remove them or transmit to others.

FaceApp popular program used by users to edit their selfies. Thanks to him, the appearance can “rejuvenate” or “wear out”, also available function changes eye shape or skin color.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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